E10 Unleaded Petrol

91 octane unleaded petrol (ULP) will be phased out by January 2011 in Australia. It will be replaced by E10 ethanol blended fuel, which means that the fuel is 10% ethanol. The new choice will be E10, 95 and 98 Octane petrol. Damage can be caused to the new motor if E10 To check whether it's okay to put this new fuel in your car, check out this website.

Ethanol contains less energy than petrol, which means that you won't get as many kilometers per litre as with the higher (95 or 98) octane fuels. Your fuel economy will be worse.

If there's any doubt, it's safer to use 95 or 98 premium unleaded. Premium is a higher octane and, in my opinion, better fuel for your car.

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