As with most modern cars, newer Fords should be very reliable as long as they are maintained and serviced regularly.

Common Problems
Transmission failure, noisy wheel bearings, burst hoses, leaky water pumps, radiator problems, noisy diff, inlet manifold gaskets & worn out diff bushes (on later models). Brake shudder from warped front disk brake rotors is especially bad, and regularly need to be machined. The XR6 turbo manual suffers from transmission rattles, this may be reduced by installing a heavy duty clutch. Also, early XR6 turbo manuals with 5 speed gearboxes experienced some transmission problems, beacause they were too weak. These cars can be upgraded to a 6 speed gear box.

At Shire Tune & Service we can help you fix any problems your Ford may have, whether new or old.

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