Holdens are one of Australia's most popular cars. As with other modern cars, newer Holdens should be very reliable as long as they are maintained and serviced regularly.

Common Problems
Brake shudders, engine stalling. Holden V8s tend to be weak in the clutch, due to a weak pressure plate. The clutch slave cylinder tends wear out quickly. Holden LS1s suffer from vacuum hose problems around the inlet manifold. Holden LS1s could benefit from a heavy duty clutch kit, which fixes the problem. We can supply you with an organic clutch (not a button type) which is easy to use around town. This type of clutch is used by people who have done perfomance modifications to their Holden, and are quite a bit cheaper than button clutches.Some of the very first LS1 motors had weak rings and incorrect sized pistons. The 6 cylinder versions suffer from power steer leak, heater taps break, they often need engine mounts replaced when they collapse. Otherwise, they are pretty good cars.
The VZ 3.6V6 quad cam engine suffers from timing chain failure which causes the enging to go into 'limp home mode' which causes the engine to lose power until the timing chains are replaced.

Shire Tune & Service can help you fix any problem your Holden may have, whether new or old.

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